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Perfect Getaway Perfect Getaway

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was hecka fun to be in. XDD Thanks again.

sodacloud responds:

Thank you for voicing in this;)

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Retro's Voice Acting Adventures (Demo Reel 2016) Retro's Voice Acting Adventures (Demo Reel 2016)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That's one of the top priorities to to have fun first and foremost, and you sound like you're going to town with it! I love this.

retroarcademonkey responds:

Hey hey! I know of your work! Awesome to hear that ya liked my demo reel!

If you're not having fun with your demo reel and you sound like you aren't giving any energy or personality to the voices that you're putting in, then you're doing something pretty wrong lol.

But yeah, this is literally just improvising shit together with some random voices that popped up in my head. Whenever I record a demo reel I have so much goddamn fun coming up with different scenarios and voices on the spot as I hit the record button.

I didn't just go to town on this, Sebastian... I fuckin' took that mic on a night out, screamed at it for a bit, took it for a drive then screamed at it some more. I also recorded this under a blanket with barely any clothes. On a hot day. Best recording environment. Ever.

And thanks a lot dude, haha I appreciate it!