Entry #1

Who is this shmo?

2016-01-31 23:57:09 by SebastianTodd

You have arrived at the Newgrounds branch of Sebastian Todd,

Sebastian Todd is a freelance voice actor who has portrayed a wide variety of characters, ranging from kind-souled princes, to mysterious dungeon merchants, to light-hearted Casanova guards . Experienced and taught by the one and only Crispin Freeman to be the best he can be, Sebastian hones his skills by accepting practically any and all work offered to him.

In only two years, Sebastian has found resounding recognition for his talents, being picked up by popular YouTube personality Aphmau for her series, The Minecraft Diaries, and working with other skilled actors such as Andy Cowley and Patrick Seymour.

"Versatility is the name of my game. I've been a wider variety of types of characters than I can count".


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